BEST Blocksystems

With the new BEST series, Rivacold relies on the latest technology. The new wall units are characterized by sustainability, efficiency and revolutionary control.

The devices have a new compressor that has been tested in our own accredited laboratory (VAG Refrigeration Lab) for more than 1300 hours under all operating conditions. In addition, the thermodynamic circuit has been completely revised through the use of an expansion valve and heat exchanger with a reduced pipe diameter: measures that lead to energy efficiency, extreme reliability and high performance.

The BEST series also has an "electronic heart" of the latest Generation: the RIV-OLUTION electronics, a new software developed by Rivacold with the "Smart Defrost" function. It regulates the temperature precisely and efficiently and achieves energy savings of up to 21% compared to the previous product generation. The entire project was also implemented with great attention to a maximum refrigerant quantity of 150 g per circuit. With this filling quantity, there are no special features to be observed for safety at the installation site.

The BEST series also scores in the area of ​​digital innovation thanks to the networking option with the app (Rivacold My I.D.), which is now available. In addition to many operating and monitoring functions (via Bluetooth and with a built-in gateway via WLAN), a large number of operating states and device documentation as well as other manufacturer information are immediately available with just a few clicks. Permanent temperature recording also fulfills the requirements of the HACCP guidelines for food.


February 2023