Transcritical CO2 solutions

In terms of commercial cooling, CO2 (R744) is setting new standards in the refrigeration industry. With the multicompressor refrigeration system line MC, RIVACOLD adds transcritical CO2 solutions to their range of products.

Like the condensing units, the multi-CO2NNEXT units are equipped with speed controlled BLDC compressors and are suitable for NK and TK applications.

Thanks to new control units specially developed for CO2 purposes, multiple cooling areas can be connected to the multicompressor refrigeration system in a simple and safe way. With the separately available, EC fan-equipped gas coolers and evaporators, Multi-CO2NNEXT forms a complete cooling system. It is well suited for many different applications such as food preservation while, at the same time, being energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

MC model with R744

July 2020