Compact cooling units with R290

The new FA/R290 and SF/R290 series by RIVACOLD are ready-to-plug refrigeration units. They are operated with the refrigerant propane and are suitable for both normal cooling and deep freezing. With models for wall mounting as well as ceiling mounting that are equipped with either an air or a water-cooled condenser, the units of the series are usable in many different areas.

Models of the series are suitable for use in refrigeration and freezer cells with a volume of up to 35 m3. The maximum refrigerant charge is 150 g per refrigeration circuit, making the devices compliant with the UNI EN 60335 and EN 378-2 directives. Rivacold has been a supplier for customer-specific condensing units and hermetic systems with R290 for many years.

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October 2016