MY ID is the app that provides privileged access to the RIVACOLD world: a true hub of all company products and services and a very user-friendly communication channel through which all the information important to the customer is available on mobile.


MY VISION is the new digital service for remote monitoring and control of installed Rivacold equipment.

Thanks to IoT technology, it is possible to geographically locate the machine, monitor its operation in real time, make or change settings and optimize the search for warnings. This allows immediate technical assistance or preventive diagnosis: indispensable functions for the installer and/or the end customer.

The MY VISION platform is cloud-based and allows to view and record the evolution of the units for up to 2 years. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, available both via the Internet (myvision.rivacold.com) and via the RIVACOLD MY I.D. app of the largest marketplaces.Advanced features are already available, for example, for sending email alerts for warnings or reports on the daily performance of the installation. Further special functions are continuously being developed and implemented in the application.

The My Vision service is available for the BEST, Connext and Champ products.


May 2023