MH(X) chiller 744

The new MH(X) and MH2(X) condensing units meet the requirements of future-proof cooling 100 percent, because they operate with the refrigerant R744 (CO2). For normal cooling with an evaporating temperature of -10°C, this results in a cooling capacity range of 2.9 to 30 kW at an ambient temperature of 35°C. All 7 models in this series operate with a speed-controlled semi-hermetic compressor.

In the four units above 10 kW cooling capacity, a second compressor connected in parallel is integrated.

For deep-freezing with an evaporating temperature of -35°C and an ambient temperature of 35°C, the refrigerating capacity range is between 1.8 and 20 kW. There are also seven models in the range, each of which integrates a speed-controlled, two-stage semi-hermetic compressor.

All R744 condensing units of the MH(X) series are equipped with an appropriately pre-pair-rametered controller, HPV valve, medium-pressure header, FG bypass valve and extensive sensor technology. Various options, such as alternatives for compressors and valves, pre-configured electronics and additional sound insulation are also available.


October 2022