Acceptance Report

Hereinafter we will introduce you to our reports which are needed for a guarantee claim or warranty case. Our products are Business-to-Business products therefore they aren’t final products, they require a professional installation and maintenance of professionals. In case of deficiencies Rivacold CI GmbH has to be immediately informed. You have two possibilities:

  1. If you let your commission and maintenance carry out by a specialist company we ask you for the corresponding logs. please use our form, which you can download here.

  2. Otherwise you can submit the forms of your specialist company But the contend should correspond with our forms.

In both possibilities we require a stamp and signature of the customer on the forms!

Commissioning Form

Within the first 12 months the commissioning form is required.


Maintenance protocol

After 12 Months of launching we require the maintenance proctocol of the first 12 month since your device has been launched.


Did you know that you can instruct our professionals to install your new products?