Request Maintenance

You have the opportunity to make use of our in-house professionals to take care of maintenance and assembly of your technical equipment. Because of our longstanding experience in the field of refrigeration technology we can rely on our empirical values to find the right answer for your issue. Our technicans are regularly trained to give you the best possible service quality and highest possible care for technical equipment.

To achieve an unobjectionable, long-standing function of our cooling units you have to ensure that after the first 6 month of use – depending on purpose/location – at least once a year asssembly and cleaning work has to be carried out. Just when these operations are demonstrable (in the form of invoices or stickers) there is a claim for warranty.

To ensure you the smallest efford (compliance of maitenance interval, Appointments etc.) and cost, Cool Italia GmbH is offering you via our sister company COOL + CALL GmbH a national service network. By which we can ensure you cheaper and more oriented services.

In warranty case

In a warranty case of a return we ask you for more information about the assembly.