Refrigeration systems

                                              Lab 3

                                              LAB3 is a 300m3 climatic chamber equipped with 8 calorimeters to measure the performance and efficiency of compressors (EN 13771-1; EN 12900) and condensing units for refrigeration (EN 13771-2; EN 13215) and therefore, verify the necessary data for the declaration of conformity to the ECODESIGN regulation. The refrigeration and air handling units of LAB3 allow climatic environments to be created between -15°C and 55°C. Condensing units can be tested with a cooling capacity range between 300 W and 100 kW. In LAB3 it is also possible to perform tests on air conditioners, liquid chillers, heat pumps for ambient heating and cooling and chillers for process cycles. These tests are carried out according to the standards EN 14511 and EN 14825 for partial load evaluation and to calculate the seasonal performance. LAB3 has been designed and built to safely perform tests on CO2 or Hydrocarbon systems (R290, R600, etc.). Therefore, it has evacuation and environmental remediation systems controlled by very high resolution sensors which allow any risk to be instantly eliminated in the event of very minor leaks of CO2 or hydrocarbons.