Refrigeration systems



                                              It is our highest goal to supply you with high-quality and flawless products. Nevertheless, there may be isolated complaints that give rise to a claim. In order to ensure that your case is processed as quickly as possible, we have been asking you to comply with the following points since 01.01.2018:

                                              Within the first 12 months after installation or commissioning

                                              Immediately notify Rivacold CI GmbH using the following form:

                                              Please fill out our warranty application form. You will then receive an RMA number from us for further processing. If you return defective goods to us, the number must be large and clearly visible on the outside of the return shipment. Please note that returns without an RMA number will not be accepted and will be returned at the expense of the sender.

                                              For all Rivacold products, the commissioning protocol can also be requested from us. You will find the form in the maintenance section. Of course, we also accept the commissioning reports of our specialist companies, which must be signed and stamped by the end customer

                                              12 months after commissioning of the product, but no later than 15 months after receipt of the goods

                                              Immediate notification to Rivacold CI GmbH.

                                              Please send us the log of the maintenance carried out during the first 12 months of the product’s service life. For more details, see Maintenance.

                                              Installation defects and non-compliance with the ambient conditions

                                              Our products are B2B products that require professional installation. The operating instructions provided for this purpose describe the on-site requirements and the installation criteria to be applied. The assumption of costs for the removal and installation of goods that have already been declared defective therefore requires detailed examination.

                                              We require sufficiently documented reports including necessary further descriptions (drawings, photos).

                                              We reserve the right to inspect the defect or the system.

                                              If it turns out that the defect remedied is not due to a factory defect, we reserve the right to charge the repair costs incurred by Rivacold CI GmbH or to reject the third-party repair costs charged to Rivacold CI GmbH. Any administrative costs incurred will be invoiced separately.