Refrigeration systems

                                              Our Technical Director Michael Hendriks will introduce you to the topic at this year’s ZVKKW Supermarket Symposium in Darmstadt.

                                              “Optimizing the energy supply in supermarkets” is the motto of this year’s ZVKKW Supermarket Symposium, which will take place on Thursday, 27 June 2024, at the Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt. The event has long since established itself as a neutral information and discussion platform in this special and important application of refrigeration, heating and air conditioning technology. It is THE meeting place for a holistic approach to the entire supermarket complex.

                                              As a neutral platform, the Supermarket Symposium has always offered participants practical suggestions for new solutions and thus contributes to a better mutual understanding between scientists, component manufacturers, planners, system builders and operators, as well as authorities, associations and organizations.