Refrigeration systems

                                              BEST CM ceiling units with propane

                                              BEST CM ceiling units with propane are now available

                                              The compact appliances for ceiling installation with propane from the BEST series for cold rooms are equipped with the “Riv-olution” control system. All operating statuses, alarms and the history can be displayed very easily and quickly and the devices can be controlled directly via the app and Bluetooth.

                                              You have been familiar with our existing SF series ceiling units with R290 for many years. In line with the wall units of the FA series, the ceiling unit product line with the features of the BEST series has also been launched and is now available.

                                              The new BEST CM series scores with the following advantages:

                                              • Improved design
                                              • Thermostatic expansion valve
                                              • EC motors for evaporator and condenser fans
                                              • Optimized heat exchangers for high energy efficiency
                                              • Three selectable defrost options: Interval, real-time, on-demand defrosting
                                              • Built-in pressure transmitters (HP and LP)
                                              • Leakage detection system
                                              • Recording the operating states of the last 48 hours
                                              • -Recording the temperature values of the last 3 months
                                              • Installation for cold storage and deep-freeze rooms with insulation thickness up to 200 mm
                                              • RIV-OLUTION control unit with extended setting options
                                              • All operating data and parameters can be read and adjusted via Bluetooth using an APP
                                              • Modbus connection for XWEB and other remote monitoring systems
                                              • IoT connection to an existing Wi-Fi network or to the mobile network
                                              • Energy savings of at least 15% compared to the SF R290 series
                                              • Service-friendly