Refrigeration systems

                                              CO2 refrigerant for deep-freeze logistics

                                              MHX from Rivacold first choice for freezers

                                              In October 2023, Bünting SCM / Logistik GmbH & CO KG from Leer received the ‘Lean and Green Award’.
                                              The reason for this was the introduction and successful certification of sustainable measures to reduce the greenhouse gasCO2 along the logistics process chain. Further measures were announced for 2024 – and have since been implemented. This includes the use of eutectic plates instead of dry ice in deep-freeze logistics. Bünting SCM vehicles are now equipped with these when transporting refrigerated goods or perishable goods and are cooled in accordance with regulations during the journey. To remove the absorbed heat, the plates are cooled back down to a temperature of -28°C in a continuous cycle. A new freezer with three cold rooms went into operation in the warehouse. The two connected condensing units from the MHX series were supplied by Rivacold CI GmbH, Fellbach. They work very reliably with the climate-friendly and future-proof refrigerantCO2 ( R744; GWP value 1), even at ambient temperatures of up to 35°C. “We were very satisfied with the two units and the service from Rivacold via our contact Andreas Borst, from project planning to commissioning,” recalls Torsten Lehmkuhl from the specialist company Funke Klimatechnik GmbH. “It was the first joint project of this kind and we are just as pleased as our customer with the CO2 very satisfied with the introduction.” Incidentally, the Bünting company writes in a press release about its ecological and economic measures such as this one that it not only saves CO2 but also strengthens its own competitiveness.

                                              Eutectic plates (in blue) are cooled to a temperature of -28°C for transportation in the new freezer. The two MHX condensing units from Rivacold and the refrigerantCO2 are used for this.